Elk Grove voters approve Measure E 1% sales tax increase

There are still ballots left to count, but it looks like Measure E, a 1% sales tax increase, will be approved by Elk Grove voters. The yes votes have remained around 54% through each ballot count update since the November 8th election.

It is expected the sales tax increase will bring in an additional $21 million per year. The money will be used by the city of Elk Grove and the Cosumnes Community Services District. The City and the CCSD conducted several surveys and met with dozens of local community groups to find out what issues local residents were most concerned about. Public safety was the top priority in the surveys.

Text from the Measure E website states, “Measure E would establish a one-cent sales tax generating locally controlled funding to address essential services and community priorities. Measure E requires independent citizen oversight, annual audits, and public disclosure of spending. By law, all Measure E funds stay local in Elk Grove. Measure E is not a tax on homes or property, and is not applied to rent, utilities, food purchased as groceries, or prescription medicine.

To find out more about Measure E, you can visit the website.

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