Pedestrian killed on Interstate 5 early Wednesday morning

The CHP reported that a pedestrian was struck and killed early Wednesday morning on Interstate 5 near I Street in Sacramento. The driver of the vehicle that struck the pedestrian remained on the scene and cooperated with the CHP.

CHP Report:

On the above date at the above time, CHP Dispatch advised CHP South Sacramento units of a solo vehicle versus a pedestrian crash on I-5 Northbound, north of I Street. Several South Sacramento C shift units responded to the scene. Upon their arrival, elements of Sacramento City Fire advised them the pedestrian was pronounced deceased. 

Party #2 was driving his 2012 Ford Mustang on the I Street on-ramp to I-5 northbound at approximately 50 miles per hour when he observed an uninvolved vehicle ahead of him abruptly slow and swerve to the right. The driver of the Ford then saw a pedestrian running from east to west across the # 6 lane into the # 5 lane. The driver also slowed and swerved to the right, and struck the pedestrian, which propelled the pedestrian onto the windshield and then the right hand shoulder. The driver of the Ford stopped on the shoulder north of the collision scene and awaited CHP arrival. It was determined by CHP that the driver of the Ford was not impaired. 

Pedestrian looks to be a transient, and is a John Doe until positive ID from the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office. 

The #6 lane of I-5 northbound was closed for the investigation with no impact on the flow of traffic. The scene was cleared at 0112 hours. 

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