Elk Grove Safety & Quality of Life Measure E Enacted

The City of Elk Grove issued a press release regarding the passage of Measure E, the 1% sales tax increase that was passed by Elk Grove voters on November 8, 2022

Elk Grove Safety & Quality of Life Measure E Enacted
December 6, 2022
On November 8, Elk Grove voters approved Measure E by majority vote, enacting locally controlled funding to help address services the community has identified as important including public safety, street and parks maintenance, local jobs and business attraction, and addressing homelessness, among other general community services.

“Residents provide us with our priorities and direction, and we thank them for their participation,” said City Manager Jason Behrmann. “Measure E funding will stay local and help address local quality-of-life services the community has identified as important. The City will continue to engage our residents on funding their priorities through the annual budget process.”

Over the course of eight months and in partnership with the Cosumnes Community Services District, the City of Elk Grove heard from over 1,500 city residents and visited 29 local community organizations to learn more about resident priorities for local quality of life services. In July 2022, the Elk Grove City Council placed the Elk Grove Safety and Quality of Life Measure E on the November ballot to help support these community priorities.

“We thank the community for their feedback and participation in the crafting of Measure E. We continue to remain focused on delivering quality-of-life services to thousands of Elk Grove residents every day,” said Cosumnes Community Services District General Manager Joshua Green.

Measure E is a one cent (1%) local sales tax. Funds generated by Measure E stay local in Elk Grove and none can be taken by the County, State or Federal governments. Measure E requires fiscal accountability, including independent citizen oversight with public disclosure of all spending, mandatory financial audits, and public reports to the community.

special meeting of the Elk Grove City Council will be held on Wednesday, December 7 at 5 p.m. in Elk Grove City Council Chambers (8400 Laguna Palms Way) to certify the election results.
For more information about Measure E, visit elkgrovemeasuree.com
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