Evacuation order lifted for Wilton area

The Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services is lifting the Evacuation Order for residents living in the Wilton area. 

The County would like to remind residents returning home that moderate rain and thunderstorms are expected this weekend and into next week and conditions can change rapidly. Those returning home should remain alert to localized flooding and road conditions, emergency response and maintenance crews are still working to clear roads and restore outages. 

With that in mind, please consider the following items:

Tips and Reminders for Returning Home After a Flood

Flood dangers do not end when the water begins to recede. For return to home tips and reminders related to utilities, food, mold, retrieving a stranded vehicle, finding lost pets and more, check out the After a Property Floods news release.

Floodwater-Contaminated Septic Systems, Water Wells and Small Water Systems

Some residences and businesses use private septic systems, water wells and other small water systems that can be contaminated by floodwater.

For detailed information and steps to take if you suspect that your septic, water well or small water system has been compromised by floodwater,

visit the Disaster Preparation and Response at Home webpage. 

Reporting Property Damage

To report damage to homes or businesses within Sacramento County go to, https://report-ca-sacramento.orioncentral.com/. All of your information will be sent to the Office of Emergency Services (OES). It is important to submit a report to this website because OES will use this information to review and track damage. This is not the same as a report for insurance. 


If you haven’t already, sign up for direct alerts to your phone or email through Sacramento-alert.org. These alerts will only be sent out for critical emergency information like flooding or potential evacuation orders. Sign up online at www.sacramento-alert.org.

Residents should also follow Sacramento County on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

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