The EGUSD got it right on school closures

The Elk Grove Unified School District has faced much criticism over the past few years for some of its decisions or in some cases indecision. But they made the right decision by not closing all the schools due to the storms.

Other nearby districts did choose to close some or all schools. Some were without power, some were in flooded areas, and some had a lot of students in those affected areas. They didn’t close just because a big storm came in.

The EGUSD initially chose to close only schools in the areas where there were evacuations due to the flooding, Dillard and Cosumnes River Elementary Schools. It then added schools that were without power, Joseph Sims Elementary and Daylor and Las Flores High Schools.

On social media, some students and parents wanted ALL the schools shut down because of the weather. I saw numerous comments that were an exaggeration of what was happening. Some students said Laguna Creek High School was flooding, and there was a river by Sheldon High School.

The schools that were in the suburban areas, which is where most of the students live and attend school were fine. Monday morning was rainy with some wind that stopped by 11 am. The afternoon was fine. Today on Tuesday we will see off-and-on rain, a typical winter day. That will be the case for the next week or so. There would have been no reason to close all schools today.

There was no reason to shut down all the schools in the district because of the weather. Yes, some students and employees have to travel to get to school and there could be issues with the roads. That is understandable but not a reason to close all the schools. Some parents and students were afraid to go to school and wanted to stay home. That is their choice but it should not be forced on everyone. There is a little bit of a parallel to covid where some people wanted everything shut down because they were afraid. Granted Covid was different because it was contagious and unknown, but similar in that a few people are afraid and want everything closed when the solution is they can stay home and keep their kids home if they are afraid of the weather. We need to stop with the mentality that everyone has to be punished or affected because of what some people want. You do you.

A different problem is the EGUSD is too big. There isn’t a one size fits all solution. Students in Anatolia should not be part of the EGUSD. It should be part of Folsom/Cordova. Even Rancho Murieta is too far. Build a high school in Anatolia and the Rancho Murieta kids can go there too. Also schools in Sacramento like Sierra Enterprise. That should be part of Sac Unified. More students = more $$, so that is what the EGUSD wants.

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