Evacuation warning issued for Wilton and surrounding areas

The Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services is publishing an Evacuation Warning for the Wilton, Rancho Murieta, Herald, Dillard Road, and immediate surrounding areas.  Flooding is likely to occur late tonight (Saturday, January 14).  A warning is an indication to prepare to leave in the case of flooding or road closures.

Start preparing people, pets, and livestock now for an evacuation. If you do not have one already, create an emergency kit to grab and take with you if an Evacuation Order is issued.  Tune in to local media and County social media channels for additional information.  Please see the map for the specified evacuation warning area. If an evacuation order is issued, an evacuation center will be opened for those leaving the flood zone.

Remember, never drive around road closure signs or through standing water. Report flooded roads by calling 3-1-1. Turn around, don’t drown. For an up-to-date list of road closures, visit the DOT Road Closures page​.

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