San Joaquin Sheriff K9 killed in the line of duty

The San Joaquin Sheriff’s Department is mourning the loss of a K9 officer that was killed while helping deputies apprehend a suspect. K9 Duke was killed when he was deployed by his handler to help catch a man that fled from law enforcement.

San Joaquin deputies were assisting the Tracy Police Department with apprehending two suspects at a train yard. One of the suspects got into a train engine compartment. K9 Duke was sent into the room and the suspect, who was armed with a knife, stabbed Duke several times. Deputies were able to take the suspect into custody. Duke was taken to a veterinary hospital where he died from his injuries. Duke was with the department for 6 years.

San Joaquin Sheriff Pat Withrow brought up pending legislation in the California Assembly, AB 742, which would prevent K9s from being used to arrest suspects. Withrow said this would put officers and suspects in more danger and could lead to officers being hurt or killed or using lethal force on suspects.

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