Hunting Learning Center Elk Grove 2023 Education Superhero

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Teacher Billy Aydlett (Finalist #1)

Superpowers: Building incredible relationships with his students–helping them become self advocates and improving their self confidence at school! Mr. Aydlett is also an energetic supporter of the entire school community–in fact, he’s the Teacher Liaison for Miwok Village PTA (that’s commitment in AND out of the classroom)!

Words of advice to the parents:  Parents know their kids the best, build a real and heartfelt relationship with students’ teachers ,and engage in authentic partnership. Finally, ask them if they participate in the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project (https://pthvp.org/) and invite them for a home visit!

Teacher Elizabeth Tran
(Finalist #2)

Superpowers: Always going above and beyond as a teacher, parent and community partner at Zehnder Ranch! Mrs. Tran holds her students to high expectations, and always comes up with creative activities to keep them challenged! Several parents especially noted that she was a rockstar with remote learning during the pandemic – hosting fun games and quizzes to keep her students engaged and learning!

Words of advice to the parents: It’s okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are our teachers – they help us learn!

Librarian Courtney Arozena (Finalist #3)

Superpowers: A passionate leader at Elitha Donner Elementary who “wears many hats.”  Ms. Arozena transformed a seldom used book collection into one of the most popular components of the school! She is a PTA leader, a devoted parent herself, AND a tireless advocate for students with special needs. She even hosts the popular sensory-friendly, inclusive Silent Disco event at school!

Words of advice to the parents: 

Teacher Suzanne Arechiga
(Finalist #4)

Superpowers: An enthusiastic spirit who makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome in her classes! Ms. Arechiga “always finds a way to make even the most boring things fun.” She makes it clear that she is there for her students, that they are heard, and encourages them to do their best – an incredible educator superpower! 

Words of advice to the parents: The best piece of advice I can offer middle school parents is to partner with their children and let them teach you what they’ve learned that day.  By doing that, you are showing your children that you are interested and that you care, but it also teaches them that you value what they are learning!

Past winners!

Congratulations, Mr Hearn!
2022 Winner, Zehnder Ranch Elementary School, Custodian


  • Teacher Marie VerSteeg (California Montessori Project)
  • Teacher Jim Bentley (Foulks Ranch Elementary)
  • Teacher Kristi Maddock (Harriet Eddy Middle)
  • Teacher Sarah McReynolds (Raymond Case Elementary)

Principal Ferreira!
2021 Winner, Carroll Elementary School, Principal


  • Teacher Laura Delight (Samuel Jackman Middle)
  • Principal Jack Ferreira (Carroll Elementary)
  • Teacher Todd Shadbourne (Foulks Ranch Elementary)
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