Getting to know the City of Elk Grove

The City of Elk Grove has put together a series of videos that explains the different government agencies and providers that operate in the city of Elk Grove.

These different agencies and providers are responsible for just about everything in the city including police, fire, water, sewer, schools, utilities, and more.

Below are links to videos that explain more about the city

Do you know your city?

This is a brief explanation of the 3 main governmental agencies, the City of Elk Grove, the Cosumnes Community Services District, and the Elk Grove Unified School District

How is the city of Elk Grove run?

This video explains how the city is governed and how things are paid for

Elk Grove Unified School District

Did you know the EGUSD represents an area far larger than the city of Elk Grove? This video gives a little more information on the EGUSD

The Cosumnes Community Services District

The CCSD operates the parks in Elk Grove and provides fire and emergency services in Elk Grove, Galt, and some parts of Sacramento County.

Utility provders

Water, sewer, garbage, natural gas, electricity, TV, and Internet. Who provides these services?

The City of Elk Grove budget

How does the budget work and what does it pay for?

Planning and Development

This next part is not from the city, but as someone that follows what is going on in Elk Grove, it could be helpful to some people. This has to do with planning and development.

Cities and counties are responsible for infrastructure. Things like roads, sewers, and water lines that reach the residents.

What is built, where it is built, and how things are built come from the zoning. For example, in Elk Grove, there is what is called a “general plan”. This lists the zoning for every part of the city. It could be commercial, residential, agricultural or industrial, etc. Within each of those are regulations that determine what can be built.

The city of Elk Grove does not own all the land in the city. They do own some, but most are owned by private parties. Those private parties then submit applications. Sometimes, these applications require approval from the planning commission, city council, or just city staff. The city doesn’t build on private land. The city doesn’t choose which specific businesses come to Elk Grove and the city can’t stop a specific company from coming here as long as that business meets the zoning code.

So if you wonder why Elk Grove allows so many nail salons or fast food. In most cases, the city has no say in that. Once a strip mall is built, the city doesn’t control which businesses go there. The companies only have to be allowed by the zoning code.

Some developments or construction require specific approval by the city council or planning commission. It all depends on the application or zoning. An example is a business that wants to have a drive-through. In some cases it is included in the zoning and in others, it requires a special permit.

One of the hottest areas in Elk Grove is the Ridge development where Costco is located. The businesses that are coming into that development do not require city approval. The overall plan for the area was already approved. City staff must make sure any applications conform with the zoning for the parcel and that the building architecture is consistent with the rest of the buildings. Other than that it is up to the developer to bring in businesses.

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