Three suspects convicted of assaulting Elk Grove 12 year old after school

The 12 year old girl was assaulted after leaving Harriet Eddy Middle School.

Keynisha Mitchell pled to felony child abuse and felony assault with personal use of a semi-automatic firearm. Demetria Fowler and Robin Morris pled to misdemeanor child abuse.

On February 9, 2022, Keynisha Mitchell, Robin Morris and Demetria Fowler, along with one of the defendant’s young daughters and an unknown adult woman, waited for the 12-year-old female victim to leave school.  Once the victim left school, the defendants assaulted her as she was walking home.  Mitchell punched the victim in the face 15 times before kicking and stomping on her head multiple times when the victim was on the ground. Morris and Fowler also assaulted a 12-year-old male student who was filming the assault by throwing things at him, pushing him into traffic, and hitting him with a switch across the chest and neck. The unknown adult woman pepper sprayed multiple people at the scene, including the male child victim. Later that same evening, Mitchell committed an unrelated assault on an adult male and adult female. Mitchell fired a semi-automatic handgun in the air and then pointed the gun in the female victim’s face while threatening to kill her.

Mitchell will be sentenced to a total of 8 years and 4 months state prison for both assaults. Morris and Fowler will serve local jail time and be placed on formal probation for four years. Sentencing is set for May 12, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. in Department 10 before the Honorable Ernest Sawtelle.

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