Sacramento Sheriff’s Department investigating inmate death at the jail

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department is investigating the death of a man arrested hours earlier by the California Highway Patrol. The man had been charged with several felonies



On Wednesday, April 5, 2023, a 35-year-old male inmate died while in custody at the Sacramento County Main Jail. The man was taken into custody earlier in the day by the California Highway Patrol when he was booked into the Jail for numerous felony assault and firearms charges, including PC 245(b) [Assault Upon Another Person with a Semi-Automatic Firearm], PC 246 [Shooting at an Inhabited Dwelling], PC 29800(a)(1) [Possession of a Firearm by a Felon], amongst others.

At approximately 3:30 P.M., deputies announced to a group of inmates in the booking area of the Main Jail that food was being served. The inmate did not move or respond to the announcement, and deputies discovered he was medically unresponsive. Deputies and jail medical staff attempted life-saving measures until the Sacramento City Fire Department arrived, but the inmate was ultimately pronounced deceased by fire personnel.

The Sheriff’s Department will complete a thorough inmate death investigation in accordance with department procedures and state laws. The Sacramento County Coroner’s Office will determine the cause of death and forward its findings as prescribed by law. The Coroner’s Office will release the name of the deceased after notification has been made to his next of kin.

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