What are Home Buyers Looking for in Elk Grove?

By Cindy Trillo

What are Home Buyers Looking for in Elk Grove?

It’s official. Sacramento boasts one of the fastest growing real estate markets, coming in sixth after Bakersfield, The Bay Area, Fresno, Redding, Riverside and the Inland Empire, and Sacramento. In cities like Elk Grove, homes receive around three offers on average and sell in just 25 days. The median sales price of a home stands at $627,000, which is 5.8% down from last year but still impressive considering current markets. If you are thinking of selling your own home, take note of a few characteristics that buyers are currently looking for.

Functional Floor Plans

Functional home plans can give your home a better flow. For instance, a walk-in pantry that is well laid out can make it far easier to organize items and find what you’re looking for. The location of specific rooms also has great bearing on how easy tasks are to perform. One trend that is visible in new homes involves placing a laundry room near the main bedroom. This makes it easier to quickly take used clothing items to your laundry area and stops them from piling up in your bedroom. Meanwhile, mud rooms, often placed in the entrance of a home, are being moved to the garage—a place that many would say is much more suitable to muddy boots and dirty shoes.

Privacy in the Master Suite

Parents of babies usually want the nursery to be right by their bedside, but parents of older kids (tweens and teens) are seeking more peace and quiet. Many are choosing to place the master bedroom on the opposite side of the home from kids’ work and play spaces. Another way to guarantee privacy is to have a bonus room between the master suite and the next bedroom. This space can be customized to a family’s needs and can be converted into a gym, spa, yoga room, or similar.

Finishing Details

Cleanliness and tidiness are key when you are selling your home, since clutter and dirt can really interfere with a buyer’s idea of how good your home could actually look. Unless you are a Marie Kondo type, then investing in professional organization and home cleaning is a good idea. When it comes to housekeeping, many sellers in California—both more expensive and more reasonably priced cities—are investing in this service. When it comes to housekeeping Santa Cruz prices are similar to those found in Elk Grove and the rest of Sacramento, despite the fact that real estate in Santa Cruz is considerably higher in price. Cleaning should be seen as an investment in home saleability because this service can help you get rid of problems that can completely block a sale—including the presence of mold and damp.

Curb Appeal

Human beings make a first impression in a matter of seconds, which is why neatness, cleanliness, and a well-landscaped front garden are key. More and more homes are featuring small but gorgeous details such as clipped evergreens by the main door, hanging baskets, and sensory spaces. The latter delight the sense of touch, sight, sound, and smell. For instance, many homeowners are growing aromatic herb gardens to delight guests as they roll up. 

A Comfortable Remote Office

Remote work is here to stay, with nearly six in 10 Americans working from home at least once a week. Setting up an attractive home office with features such as natural light, a stylish desk, an optimal floor and pendant lighting can help buyers “see themselves” living in your home. If you have a garden, aim to set this office up by a bay window or invest in sliding doors, to make it easy for buyers to head to the garden for short breaks between their work tasks.

Elk Grove is a coveted place to buy a home. It boasts a host of green spaces and most residents own their homes here. If you are thinking of selling a home in the area, prioritize cleanliness and functionality. Moreover, take into account the importance of green areas, curb appeal, and modern home offices.

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