Pedestrian struck and killed on Highway 99 Friday morning

The CHP reported that a pedestrian was struck and killed on Friday morning on southbound Highway 99 near Elk Grove. The driver of the vehicle stopped and called 911.

On June 23rd, 2023, at approximately 8:09 AM, Sacramento Communications Center (SCC) advised of a pedestrian crossing the freeway of SR-99 southbound, north of Calvine Rd. The pedestrian ran across lanes to the center divider and then ran back into the #1 lane. As the pedestrian ran into the #1 lane he was hit by a Freightliner box-truck that was traveling on SR-99 southbound, north of Calivine Rd at approximately 65 MPH. The pedestrian was hit by the front/left bumper of the Freightliner box-truck and came to rest withing the center median. ‘The driver of the Freightliner box-truck stopped and made notification by calling 911. Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department arrived on scene and declared the pedestrian deceased on scene.

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