California Democrats refuse to hold criminals responsible

Democrats in the California Legislature have once again chosen to care more about criminals than victims. We have seen this time and time again in the state. Consequences for criminal behavior have been reduced through AB 109, Props 47, and 57.

Over and over bills that would increase the consequences for criminal behavior have died in the Assembly and Senate public safety committees because the chairpersons and democrats on the committees believe that increasing penalties for criminal behavior unfairly target disadvantaged communities.

The tweet below was in response to SB 14 which would have made the trafficking of children a serious felony and increased the penalties for repeat offenders.

The same reasoning has been used over and over the past several years. Earlier this year there was a push to increase the penalties for selling Fentanyl. Parents who lost their children to Fentanyl spoke to the committees asking for tougher sentences. Democrats on the public safety committees would not let the bills out of committee, again citing how it would unfairly impact minority communities. Republicans forced Democrats to take action and eventually, some bills were passed.

These 6 members of the Assembly Public Safety chose not to vote on SB 14.

One of the 6 members of the committee has since had a change of heart. Possibly the backlash?

Republicans are trying to once again force a floor vote on SB 14. They have an unlikely ally in Governor Newsom in their corner. Until voters make it known they want public safety to be a higher priority, legislators will continue to care more about criminals than victims.

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