Elk Grove’s proposed Project Elevate is going back to the drawing board

The City of Elk Grove’s ambitious development, Project Elevate, is returning the drawing board after a Texas-based developer, Hines Interest Limited Partnership, informed the city that it would be terminating the contract. The city is now looking for other developers that could take over the project.

Project Elevate was intended to be modeled after developments like Santana Row in San Jose, with retail shopping, restaurants, a hotel, office space, and housing.

The Project Elevate development page on the city’s website shows various possible designs.

Key Features Of The Design

  • Development is oriented along an urban street grid pattern. Buildings are developed close to the street with wide sidewalks between the street curb and building. This facilitates strong pedestrian movement and allows for outdoor dining.
  • Big Timber Drive is completed from Elk Grove Boulevard to Civic Center Drive. A new signal will be completed at Elk Grove Boulevard, providing left access into and out of the site.
  • A Street is the primary street through the middle of the Project, connecting Elk Grove Boulevard to District56. Because of spacing issues between signals on Elk Grove Boulevard, access at the north end is limited to right in-right-out movements.
  • B Street connects Big Horn Boulevard to Big Timber. Left in access would be provided but exits would be limited to right turn movements. This is similar to the access to The Ridge on Bruceville Road.
  • C Street provides internal access across the site and completes the street grid pattern.
  • A central plaza that allows for public gathering and mixed-use activities that features extensive landscaping, water features, day and night components, and formal and informal seating. It also includes several smaller retail shop buildings with outdoor food and beverage opportunities.
  • On-site parking is provided by both “on-street” parking and two parking structures. This provides more land area for active uses and open space. The hotel, however, is supported by surface parking.
  • The concept plan also illustrates potential adjoining development to the east on a seven-acre site owned by Pappas Investments, including a smaller retail building and alley-loaded townhomes. This is shown for context/concept only and would require Pappas’s consent and a General Plan amendment and rezoning.

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