Elk Grove City Council delays decision on Oak Rose Apartment Project

After listening to 3 hours of public comment which was overwhelmingly against the project, the Elk Grove City Council voted to continue the decision until the next city council meeting on October 11.

The project applicant did not attend the meeting which brought condemnation from the public and the city council. Speaker after speaker implored the council to continue to fight against the proposal, even if it means spending money on litigation.

City Councilmember Rod Brewer, in whose district the project resides, spoke first during city council comment. Brewer criticized the state leaders for taking away local control under SB 35. Brewer chose not to vote yes or no on the project, choosing to hear comments from his colleagues first. The other three council members and the mayor all expressed similar sentiments, criticizing the state leaders for SB 35. All the council members spoke of the risks of fighting the lawsuit and the potential costs to the city. The council also disclosed that the city offered other locations for the project and millions of dollars in incentives but the applicant was not interested and has not returned their calls. The council then voted to continue the decision to allow more time to find an alternative and continue negotiations.

The city council asked the city attorney to contact the project applicant and request their presence at the next council meeting as well as continuing negotiations on a different location.

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