Wilton Rancheria announces purchase of 20 acres near Sky River Casino

Wilton Rancheria announced today that they have purchased 20 acres near Sky River Casino in Elk Grove. The land is north of the casino and on both sides of the existing Kaiser Promenade facility.

Press release from Wilton Rancheria:

Wilton Rancheria Purchases 20 Acres of Land Next to Sky River Casino.

Elk Grove, CA.—Wilton Rancheria announced that it has purchased 20 acres of land immediately north of
the Tribe’s Sky River Casino in Elk Grove, California. “Today, as we embark on this historic land purchase, we honor not only our past, but also the future. In acquiring this land, we sow the seeds of prosperity for seven generations to come,” said Jesus Tarango, Wilton RancheriaChairman. “Our vision is rooted in a legacy of stewardship, ensuring that our descendants inherit a world richer in culture, tradition, and opportunity. This purchase is not just a transaction; it is a pledge to safeguard the heritage of
our people and to preserve our ancestors’ lasting legacy as the original caretakers of this land.”

Chris Franklin, Wilton Rancheria’s Executive Director of Economic Development, continued: “This land acquisition signifies a transformative milestone for Wilton Rancheria, presenting an opportunity that holds the promise of prosperity not only for the Tribe but also for the City of Elk Grove and the greater Sacramento area.”

Wilton Rancheria built Sky River Casino in partnership with Boyd Gaming Corporation, which also manages the property for the Tribe. Sky River Casino opened in August 2022 and its reception by the Sacramento-area community has far exceeded expectations. In addition to creating high-quality jobs, it has supported local businesses and non-profit organizations and has committed to investing $130 million over the next 20 years in services to the community, including police, fire, and schools.

Jason Behrmann, Elk Grove City Manager, said: “The City looks forward to working collaboratively with Wilton Rancheria on any future plans for the property and to continuing the strong partnership we have built.”

Keith Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boyd Gaming, shared: “Sky River Casino has been a
tremendous success since opening its doors last year, empowering the Wilton Rancheria Tribe to begin realizing their long-standing vision of self-sufficiency. We congratulate the Tribe on today’s acquisition, and we look forward to continuing to support their economic development efforts, which are delivering substantial benefits for both the Tribe and the Elk Grove community.”

The acquired property is located north of the casino site on Stockton Boulevard within the Lent Ranch
Marketplace Special Planning Area in the City of Elk Grove and is currently zoned for commercial and
retail use.

About Wilton Rancheria
Wilton Rancheria’s federal status was terminated in 1958, and finally restored in 2009, after a long-fought campaign by Tribal Elders. Wilton Rancheria is the only federally recognized tribe in Sacramento County. In November 2011, the Tribe adopted its modern Constitution, and since that time, Tribal Leadership has worked to improve the lives of its members and positively serve the community from its offices in Elk Grove.

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