Sacramento police arrest two Elk Grove men for armed robbery

The Sacramento Police Department arrested two Elk Grove men for armed robbery in South Sacramento. The incident happened earlier in November near Rexleigh Court. The two suspects robbed the victim of his jewelry and personal items.

Detectives were able to identify the suspects as two Elk Grove men, 28-year-old Basil Husein and 28-year-old Sam Alnassiri of Elk Grove.

Sacramento Police Department Facebook post
Early this month, patrol officers responded to an armed robbery of a person near Rexleigh Court. The victim was robbed at gunpoint by two men for his jewelry and personal property. During the investigation, patrol officers and our south area Violent Crime Reduction Team quickly identified one of the suspects as of Elk Grove. Officers continued collecting evidence and were able to identify an additional suspect as 28-year-old Sam Alnassiri of Elk Grove. A search warrant for both the residence of Husein and Alnassiri was signed by a judge. Officers and detectives located and conducted an enforcement stop on a vehicle containing Alnassiri away from his residence. During the traffic stop, officers found two loaded handguns and narcotics in Alnassiri’s possession. While officers were conducting separate traffic stops on both Alnassiri and Husein, officers and detectives began serving the residential search warrants. The following items were located during the search warrants: $8,850 in various bills, a Micro Draco AK-style pistol with a 20-round mag, four empty 5.7mm magazines, and an additional loaded handgun.

Husein and Alnassiri were later booked at the Sacramento County Main Jail on related charges.

Photo courtesy Sacramento Police Department


Charges against Husein

Case # 22FE011878(02) – Remand Rearrest
PC 29820  Felony   
Bail: No Bail
Case # 23FE018152(01) – Pickup (Fresh Arrest)
HS 11359  Felony   
PC 211  Felony   
Bail: No Bail
Total Bail Ineligible for Bail
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