City of Elk Grove reaches tentative agreement to move Oak Rose project

After a special meeting on Tuesday, the city of Elk Grove announced a tentative agreement to move the controversial Oak Rose apartment project from the Old Town area of Elk Grove to a location that is undisclosed at this time.

The project came before the city council in 2022 and was turned down. The sued was later sued by the developer and State of California Attorney General Rob Bonta. The city then tried to reach an agreement to move the project to a different location.

This past September the issue was brought back before the city council with a staff recommendation to approve the project. After 3 hours of public comment and council deliberations, a decision was postponed to allow the city more time to reach an agreement with the developer.

Last week the city again put the project on the city council agenda for their first meeting of the year tonight. On Monday a special meeting for Tuesday was called to discuss the project with city attorneys. After that meeting last night, the city announced a tentative agreement to move the project and postponed the agenda item to January 24, 2024.

Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen posted the announcement on her Facebook page.

“After months of negotiations, the city has reached a tentative agreement. This is a positive and encouraging development . I am pleased with the constructive discussions with the applicant which includes a relocation of the project. We are still working through the final details for a formal settlement. “

Oak Rose Update from Special Meeting 1-9-24 Readout

The City has reached a settlement in principle with the applicant for the Oak Rose project, which would involve relocation of the project to an alternative site in the City outside of the Old Town Special Planning Area. The settlement is not final. The details and formal settlement documents still need to be prepared and finalized. In order to provide time for the finalization of the settlement and settlement documents, the City Council intends to take no substantive action on the project scheduled for City Council consideration on January 10, 2024, but rather continue the matter to the regular City Council meeting of January 24, 2024.

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