Mother of Sacramento infant who drowned in bathtub in 2019 arrested

A Sacramento mother whose 13-month child drowned in a bathtub in 2019, has been arrested in Stockton after not appearing at a court date just over one year ago. Regjanah Nash was arrested at a family member’s home in Stockton. She is being held without bail at the Sacramento County Jail.

Nash had left her 13-month-old and two-year-old disabled daughter with an 8-year-old cousin while she left to run errands with her sister. When she returned, the child was unresponsive in the bathtub. Nash took the child to the hospital where she was pronounced deceased.

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department posted details of the case on its Facebook page.


On August 2, 2019, a 13-month-old child drowned in a residential bathtub. The 13-month-old child’s mother, Regjanah Nash, left the child in the bathtub with her two-year-old disabled sister and an 8-year-old cousin to watch both young children. Nash left the residence to run errands with her sister. Sometime later, Nash and her sister returned to the residence to find the 13-month-old lying unresponsive in the bathtub. Rather than calling 9-1-1, Nash and her sister transported all three children to a local hospital in their vehicle, where the child was pronounced deceased by hospital staff shortly after arriving.

Nash initially told Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office Child Abuse Detectives that she placed her child in the bathtub and then needed to rush out of the residence after a frantic phone call from her sister, who was having an emergency and said she was out of the residence for no longer than 15 minutes. Nash later admitted to leaving the children alone for at least 90 minutes. Upon completing their investigation, Detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Nash on April 21, 2021.

During a call for service, a neighbor reported seeing Nash beating a puppy with a stick. Deputies located and arrested Nash on May 4, 2021. Nash was released the same day on zero bail (emergency bail schedule). Nash was held to answer at her preliminary hearing on February 10, 2022, but she still remained out of custody. She then failed to appear on January 6, 2023, when a no-bail bench warrant was issued for her arrest.

Nash remained on the run until yesterday, March 28, 2024, when Detectives from the Sheriff’s Major Crimes Bureau located and arrested her in Stockton at a family member’s house. Nash was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail, where she remains in custody ineligible for bail. She is scheduled to appear in court on April 2, 2024. Her booking photo is not available for release, per California law.

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