Elk Grove gives final approval to future zoo

Last night the Elk Grove City Council voted to approve building a zoo in Elk Grove. After a meeting that lasted 5 hours, the city council gave final approval to build a new zoo. The zoo will be located at the intersection of Kammerer Road and Lotz Parkway, just west of Sky River Casino.

The decision was not without some controversy on the financing plan. The council voted on five parts of the plan. The first four items passed unanimously. The final item was the financing of the zoo. City Councilmember Kevin Spease wanted to ensure that there were protections for Elk Grove taxpayers. The financing plan calls for the Sacramento Zoological Society to provide $50 million towards construction. Spease wanted more protections for Elk Grove taxpayers and asked for an oversight committee to review bond payments. Spease also wanted to be sure that the $50 million being pledged was in the bank at the time of construction instead of just being pledged. The other four council members disagreed, citing that it could hurt donor confidence and hamper fundraising efforts.

After a long debate on the financing aspect of the project, the council voted 4-1 to approve the financing with Councilmember Spease the lone vote against the financing proposal.

The financial breakdown of the proposal can be seen in the graphic below. The complete details of the plan which is 608 pages can be found on the city’s website.

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