Advertising with Elk Grove Laguna Forums

Elk Grove Laguna Forums is one of the most effective marketing opportunities for local small businesses. Our Facebook page is one of the most viewed and followed pages in Elk Grove.  We have over 46,000 followers as of January 2020. Our page has become the place residents of Elk Grove and Sacramento turn to for their news and to keep up with what is happening in Elk Grove and parts of Sacramento. We share breaking news before any other local media outlet. Many local media sources come to our page to find out what is happening and to find local stories. Area residents come to our page first to find out what is happening. It has also become the best way for local businesses to reach more consumers for a very reasonable price. Cheaper than print advertising, easier to edit, change and focus on what you need. Unlike other forms of advertising, Elk Grove Laguna Forums is dedicated to helping you succeed.  We take a personal interest in your success. Another benefit is that we receive requests all the time for recommendations to local businesses.  We recommend our business partners first because we know they will provide exemplary customer satisfaction or we won’t work with them.

We have 4 ad plans that fit any budget. Plan 1 is a one year commitment and plans 2 & 3 are monthly. If you are interested in signing up, please send an email to elkgrovelagunaforums@gmail.com

Plan 1. $5 a month. Includes a listing in our Business Directory. We share the directory itself on our Elk Grove Laguna Forums Facebook page once a month and encourage people to support local businesses. This plan requires a 12 month commitment or $60 paid in advance. The other plans are month to month.

Plan 2. $25 a month. Listing in the Business Directory . Also 1 post per week on our affiliate page, Elk Grove Laguna Forums Business Marketing. The page is devoted to strictly business posts. It has over 2500 followers. For more information on the Elk Grove Laguna Forums Business Marketing advertising, click here

Plan 3. $75 a month. A listing in our Business Directory and a post per week on the Elk Grove Laguna Forums Facebook page. We will tag your business Facebook page, and share a post from your Facebook page or share a link to your website.  We can also make short videos from photos posted on your Facebook page, depending on the type of business.

If you would like to expand you advertising, we offer discounts for more than one post per week.

2 posts per week is $125 per month

3 posts week is $165 per month.

Plan 4. Per post marketing.  $20 per post. Shared at the time and date of your choice

If you are a Realtor we also offer specific plans for that too Real Estate Marketing

We also offer social media posting plans as well for businesses that are too busy or just don’t know how to use social media, Social Media Marketing

Or if you want a regular block post type ad we offer that through Elk Grove Laguna News.

New for 2018 is our video banner ads that appear on our videos. Video Banner Ads We can add your logo to our videos. The cost is $25 per video.

This is a comparison between EGLF and other local media pages. The #5 entry is Elk Grove Laguna Forums Business Marketing. That is our page dedicated to helping smaller businesses. As you can see EGLF has more double the amount of page followers of the others combined and our post engagement is several times that of the competition combined.

Here’s what some of our business partners are saying about working with Elk Grove Laguna Forums:

From local business High Class Glass:

Since we started advertising with Elk Grove Laguna Forums just over a year ago, we have seen our business increase. The fall is usually our slow time of year, but this past year was very busy. 2016 was by far our most profitable year and the only change was advertising with Elk Grove Laguna Forums.  Customers tell us all the time they saw us on Facebook and the only place we advertise is on Facebook with EGLF.  They shared one of our posts this week and for 24 hours the phone was ringing off the hook. We are very happy with the results of our advertising with EGLF.  

From Dhaliwal’s Rentals:

Thank you for having me on your Facebook page. I have built a few good customers. If anyone doesn’t believe in advertising with you guys I could talk to them and could change their mind. Or if someone said it is not worth it on here. I really like this page to build customers in Elk Grove.
Keep up the great job!
Dhaliwal’s rental

Here’s an example of how our marketing works. Sourdough & Co had been open for a year and just started marketing with EGLF.  One person commented and said they didn’t know it was here.  That’s how our marketing works. It brings awareness to local residents about businesses they often know nothing about.

If you’re interested in taking your business to a new level, we can help you. You can contact us at: