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      My wife was adopted at birth and now wants to search for any relatives.. We have tried some simple searches with the limited information we have but have not had any luck. Does anyone know of a person or service that is good at this?

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      Did you try Facebook? I found relatives I didn’t even know I had on there and we connected at their family reunion. 🙂 Good luck!

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      This site might be able to help you with some steps: Adoption Searches

      Find My Family

      Also the LDS Church might be able to help you find family and records

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      You could get DNA tested from Ancestry.com. I seen news where relatives have located based on DNA.

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      Any any hints at all? I am adopted and my adopted mom saw my lawyer write down my birth moms name down, and when he left the room, she quickly wrote the name down, and I knew they went to Berkeley. So I went to Berkeley went thru the archives and saw the sorority she was in. Went to the sorority got her Moms address. I got the reject from my Mom because I looked too much like the father.
      I have a closed records. I called the original lawyer and he said he doesn’t help adoptees. He said if my birth mother was in the room right now, he wouldn’t tell her I’m on the phone. It’s closed.
      I didn’t know my nationality or health records, I think every single human being deserves to know there nationality. I am glad I have that information. Yes of course it hurt I got rejected as an adult, but now I know something about myself and whom I look like 🙂

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