Beware of air duct cleaning scams

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    According to an article in today’s Sac Bee business section those air duct cleaning coupons and deals you see are basically a scam. There is no need to clean your air ducts and these companies lie and then pressure you into spending more money on worthless services.

    Sac Bee

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    I read that interesting article, too. For once my cheapness has paid off! Most of my friends get their air ducts cleaned regularly and I have resisted because I didn’t want to spend the $. Since no one in our family has allergies, I concluded that just changing our filter every other monthish and vacuuming regularly would be enough to keep us healthy and safe. I am finally right about something! (at least according to the article)

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    I’ve always said this is something you do ONCE and thats it. There are many, many contractors trying to sell you everything from duct cleaning, home water filters to A/C service which is not so much a scam as it prey on people that are trusting. They trust contractors and are too afraid to question them.

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    Choose those contractors for duct cleaning who are bonded, insured and licensed.

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