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      In the recent ages there are a lot of people who choose the vintage decoration in order to make their house more impressive. In this particular style of decoration the necessary elements are the old objects, such as wooden stairs and suitcases, which can be transformed into wonderful decorations and furnishings that would make everyone feel so jealous.That is why we are seeing more and more turning to wooden pallet constructions and furniture restoration.
      Obviously, however, in this way, you can transform the inside of your home, but also take care of decorating your garden, with so little money to spend.

      So if you are thinking about choosing this type of decoration, the best choice you have to do is to take advantage of the old wooden staircase that you have in your warehouse. How will you see it on the following.
      Smart home decor ideas with wooden ladders
      Use a staircase to place your shoes. A stair, due to its shape, is a perfect place that can be used as a shows storage place.

      Decorate your garden by hanging jars with candles. You can hang the staircase in a higher level and place jars, inside of those you will put candles. It will make your garden look brighter and stylish too.

      Cut a staircase in the middle and use it as a tray for the bathroomThis decoration tip will make every guest enter your bathroom.

      Turn it into a shelf for your photosThe shape of a staircase will help you due to its shape, make a unique shelf on the wall for placing your favorite photos. If you want to have a brighter result, paint the stair in a light color, such as red, yellow or blue.

      Make a wooden luminaire for your living roomA great idea, that will make your room look comfortable and unique.

      Use it to put the pots with your flowersThe shape of the ladder, helps us one more time in order to make a smart decoration in order to put your favorite pots with flowers. This decoration can also be put in the balcony or the garden too.

      Join two ladderswith pieces of wood to make a libraryAll you need is painting the ladders in the same color and find an empty wall to hang your new stylish library.

      Make an alternative Christmas treeThis unique form of Christmas tree can be easily made if you just device a ladder as a triangle and place lights and other Christmas accessories.

      Hang a staircase on the wall and put books to decorate the corners of your houseThis perfect decorative choice can save a lot of space in your room.

      Make a convenient shelf for your bathA ladder shelf in your bath can be a storage place for all your bath towels. You can also use it in order to place all the important things you always need in your bathroom and your cosmetics too.

      Hang it over your bed to decorate it with curtainsA ladder can be also used as a rail in order to hang your curtains and make the room look in a way of minimal design.

      Hang it from the kitchen ceiling to put all your pans. Placing a ladder and hanging all your pans on it, can give a country style to your kitchen.

      Use a ladder to place the herbs in the kitchen One more easy way to use a ladder in the kitchen is placing it next to the window and putting all the pots of herbs you need while you cook.

      Put on the wall of your room and use it as a wardrobe to hang your clothes It is a perfect idea if you do not want your room to look tidy and messy.

      There are plenty of ways to use a wooden ladder, besides all the above. The only thing you have to do is use your imagination.

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