My first 10K run

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      I did the Running of the Elk today and entered my first 10K race ever. I knew I could run that far because I have been running that far the past 3 weeks or so. I just signed up a few days ago. I wanted to make sure I felt comfortable doing it and could run the whole way without stopping. When I did my 5K about 18 months ago, I was really nervous and, TMI, had to use the rest room, and I ended having to walk a couple of times and that was only 3 miles. I was a little nervous this morning, but not too bad. My goal today was to run it in less than 1 hour, so I had to average about 9:40 a mile. That’s not really that fast. I did my first mile in just over 10 minutes. I knew I had to go faster so I went a little bit faster. I use Runkeeper and have it update me every 5 minutes. After 2 miles I was about 9:50 pace. Kept lowering it, but I wanted to make sure I had enough to finish. I got to mile 5 and I was about a 9:40 pace. So earlier in the race I saw Officer Trim running. He started ahead of me I think, but at one point in the race we passed each other going the opposite way because there was a part to turn around. I thought he was way ahead of me. I caught a little after mile 5 I think and we ran together a short distance. I had about a mile left and I decided to go a little faster. The 6th mile was my best mile and I ran it at 8:50. I was pretty proud to be able to run my fastest mile at the end. I felt like I was sprinting. My son took a video of me finishing and it looked I was barely jogging. They haven’t posted the exact times yet. When I crossed the finish line the timer said 1 hour and I think 4 seconds, but I was near the back of the pack that started so It took probably 20 seconds to cross the starting line and that’s when your chip is read. My runkeeper said I did it in 9:32 and that was with me finishing, walking around a bit before I remembered to stop it. Pretty sure I made it under an hour. It was fun. I felt great and I was really happy with how it all turned out for my first longer race. Now my goal is to get it under 9 minutes a mile. Then once I do that I will try a half marathon. That might not happen this year. My longest run ever is 8 miles I think. A half is 13.1. That’s a lot more than 8! I think I could have done 8 today if I stayed at my 10 minute pace. If I can drop about 10 pounds it would be a lot easier!

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      Great job Doc!

      I forgot that thing was today.. I was going to fly my drone and video some of it.. darn it..

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      Great job!!

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      Many congrats!

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      Great to see a familiar face during the Running of the Elk 10k. Funny that we had similar goals for the run. I also wanted to finished in under an hour, but sadly, I fell 52 seconds short. I’m training for my second marathon this fall, so I’m happy with my progression at this point. Doc, checkout the Pony Express ½ marathon (http://ponyexpressmarathon.com/) in Sacramento on May 1st. It’s a USATF certified course so it will be flat and fast.

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      I am very proud of you!!!!! I too last year wanted to make this year my first 10k, but when the time to sign up came , I knew I was Not Ready at all!. Emily my daughter got first place in her age group for the 5k. She is 18. I walked and ran with my injured ballerina.

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