Sassman Ranch Lights coming to an end Dec 24th

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      December 24th the ranch will go dark. Earl has lung cancer and may not be around next year. He wants his family to start their own traditions at their own homes and not light up the ranch without him. If you have not seen it make sure to visit before the 24th.

      He is also asking all of those who have left messages on the trees for their love ones to come and pick them up.

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      He’s had cancer for a few years. He has been doing some experimental treatments. W talked to him a couple of times this summer. The doctors only gave him a few months a few years ago I think.

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      That is such a beautiful display.. and such great hosts.. it will be missed by all. I hope the kids continue at their own homes starting new traditions.. My prayers for Earl and his family.

      We are going to try to make it out there this week..


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      They are a very nice family and it’s too bad they are fighting their own health battle. What they did for so many years was wonderful and meant a lot to many people in the community.

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      We are going this week. We need to go retrieve the ornaments that we placed on the trees over the years.

      We were in shock when we heard last week.

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      I just disovered the place last year. I can relate to his health issue with my mom. We will go later in the month.

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      This is just so heart breaking to hear about Earl, He is such a wonderful person. I found out about his ranch 5 years ago when I moved here and we look forward to going there every year. my prayers are with the family.

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      That’s so sad. I will have to go and look for my ornaments, bring them home, and maybe start a new tradition for my own tree. Blessings to Earl and his entire family.

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      What a blessing this place has been. Earl and his family are in my prayers.

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      Thank you for the heads up. If it truly is the last year for their displays, I really need to make sure I get there before it is gone for good.

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      This amazing display of love and remembrance will be sorely missed! It has touched my heart and given comfort to so many over the years. God bless Earl and his family.

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      This was a wonderful thing that they did all these years. It will truly be missed. I think it is a beautiful thing to end it on his terms and to encourage his family to start their own traditions.

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      I’ve heard so many wonderful comments about it through the years. Must see it this year for certain!

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      I can’t even begin to describe how sad this makes me. My best friend died unexpectedly in 2010. One of our common loves was going out to look at Christmas lights. We’d stop at Starbucks and get hot chocolate then drive around for hours looking at the lights. I found this place in 2010 after he passed away, and spent 2 hours walking around looking at all the beautiful lights. I wrote an ornament to him… talked with Santa, and was lucky enough to talk with this wonderful family. I’ve been back every year since.

      May God bless this family for all they are going through… and a huge THANK YOU from my family to yours for making such a wonderful Christmas display!

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      So sad! Prayers to the entire family.

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