The subject no one likes and yet is most important to your Loved ones!

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      Life Insurance…ugh! No One wants to talk about it; but remember it is not about you, it is about your Loved ones. We are all going to leave, it is inevitable; however, we do not ever know when. For a few thousand dollars spread over decades your Family gets Hundreds of Thousands in return… Immediately & tax free! It’s the only gamble you will certainly win! Money to keep the Family in your Home, replace your income so their life style isn’t ended, money for college/weddings/retirement.

      The one person who never complains about Life Insurance…is the Widow. For a free quote…call Scott “The Insurance Pro” your Elk Grove Professional

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      You mean “death insurance” right? :Tongue sticking out

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      Nah. That’s the one sure thing. 8)

      Set it up right to cover your family and it leads to endless in-joke opportunities.
      I get to ask my wife if I’m still worth more to her alive after I forget to bring home flowers, forget an important event, or forget that I already told her that joke 100 times. 8)

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