Where did everyone go?

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      This site is like the proposed mall…A ghost town.

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      I think trying to get to the site makes it a little harder to find or post. Maybe that’s just me

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      I think trying to get to the site makes it a little harder to find or post. Maybe that’s just me

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      I agree Scarlet. I don’t think this site is as user friendly as the last one. And personally, I was without a computer for several weeks and don’t like to use my phone for sites like this.

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      The new site seems to have inadvertently killed off the original forums. That’s really too bad.

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      I agree and it makes me sad. I posted in December asking for a recommendation for a local service provider (a type of request that always used to generate replies and discussion) and there wasn’t even a single reply. The new site isn’t as easy to participate in the forums and seems to be primarily for advertisers. It reminds me of what led to the death of the “other” site. It isn’t about user interaction anymore. Sadness . . .

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      I agree with Scarlet.

      I’d consider myself quite well versed in online forums and participation. However, interacting with this forum is a little more difficult. For example, the first thing I noticed was that the threads I participated in (post-transition) would not auto-subscribe, thus I’d miss a lot of the updates to that thread.
      Also, unlike the old forum layout, there’s not “Recent Activity” page that shows most recent activity around the forum … or at least I cannot find it.

      Plus – there’s now that Nextdoor community, which just about does the same as this site now. Nextdoor connects neighbors within a community, and each community with an overall city. There are some limitations to Nextdoor (eg. not being able to post to communities you’re not subscribed to), but overall it provides a medium for relevant communication within Elk Grove.

      I’m actually a little surprised with the amount of sponsorship this site is getting, per the advertisers threads.

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      I have to agree as well. I used to go to the other incarnation a lot. Personally I think that with the effort to “improve” the site it took a large step backwards. Not user friendly (my opinion), Too much advertising, not enough interaction. Trying to “bring it up to date” actually rendered it a bit more useless. I no longer even have it bookmarked on my phone.
      it is a shame… I miss the old interaction.

      There seems to be more Facebook action after you weave your way thru all the ads there too. I visit there, but not as much as I used to.. I understand it costs money to run these things.. just not sure at what point it becomes counter productive in the eyes of the users. At some point does the shear number of ads and lack of participants make the whole thing collapse onto itself? I am thinking it is a fine line to balance and right now it’s not looking so good for members IMHO.

      Not so fond of the “Nextdoor” community either. It is Ok I guess, but not something I log into…

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      The site appears to have died when the decision was made to transition to Facebook. I don’t think Facebook works well as a Forum, as posts just roll of chronologically and aren’t categorized. It’s a shame as I used to check this site daily and liked it. I’m amazed that advertising is still being sold. It was fun while it lasted.

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      I like the main page which includes headlines of events about Elk Grove. Its organized and easy to view. The forum is a little more complicated and since I don’t have facebook, I am left out of the discussion. Just my 2 cents.

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