Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing



Let’s face it, most small business owners simply don’t have the time to do what they do and manage a social media presence.  Social media is one of the most effective forms of advertising in this digital world. Print ads will always have their place, but in this 24/7 world, you need to be able to connect with customers immediately and respond to the ever changing market place. Facebook and Instagram are the most used platforms right now, with Twitter still in the mix.


But do you have the time to do this? If you’re like many small business owners you probably don’t. You may not even know what you should post or when. This is where we can help you by managing your social media posts and posting for you. Let us use our expertise to help your business grow. Ideally you should post 2-3 times a week. Mix it up between posts about the business, local events or something about your industry.  Make sure every post mentions your business in some way, even if you’re sharing content from another source.


Three years ago the Elk Grove Laguna Forums Facebook page had just over 1400 followers.  Today that number is over 34,000.  I grew the page by finding out what people wanted to see, what got their attention and fine tuning it from there. Our audience is broader and thus it was easier to expand and reach more people. For some businesses the audience can be more specific, so while followers is important, you also want “quality” and people that will either use your services or will refer you to those that may. A lot of times it is about being in the right place at the right time. Timing is important. It is also important to consistently engage your audience. The more you post, the more likely it is to show up on their Facebook feeds. The more people who like your posts, the more it shows on the feeds of others that your post was liked.


How does it work? You assign me or my associate as an editor of your Facebook page. You are still the page admin and retain control over the page. Here’s what an editor can do:  send messages and publish as the Page, respond to and delete comments on the Page, create ads, see which admin created a post or comment, view insights, respond to and delete Instagram comments from the Page and edit Instagram account details from the Page.

Essentially we would be posting as your page. You would still have the same access to the page as you currently have. We would not be commenting on any other posts. If there are any questions from followers, those would be referred to you unless we could readily find the answers.


What would we post?


  • Posts about your business. Every post should mention your business
  • Photos from your business, either by taking existing photos from your page or you can email us photos you have. People love photos and videos. They are more likely to click on posts that have them.
  • Posts that encourage people to use your business and refer/share your business to others.
  • Refreshing older posts and updating them
  • Posts about your industry
  • Depending on your business and with your permission, occasional giveaways or discounts on products or services for those mentioning they saw a particular post. Asking people to like, comment and share something for a prize is a good way to get more followers.


The Cost

$60 a month for Facebook posts, 2-3 times a week on your page.  If you’re an existing advertiser with Elk Grove Laguna Forums, this will help insure better continuity between your page and posts shared on Elk Grove Laguna Forums.  This would be in addition to any ad packages with Elk Grove Laguna Forums. We recommend occasionally boosting or sponsoring posts on Facebook to reach more people and grow your page. The minimum is $1 per day on Facebook. That amount would be paid by you.


If you would like to sdd instagram posting, that would be an additional $50 a month for 2-3 posts per week


Examples of our work:


Clean Pool Pros

Auto Body Expressions

Expert Automotive

Original Mike’s Diner

Elite Heating and Air

LNL Construction & Remodel

The Blowout Salon

PaintRite Pros

Moule’s Elk Grove Glass


If you are interested in advertising with Elk Grove Laguna Forums, we have plans that can fit any budget

If you are a Realtor we also offer specific plans for that too Real Estate Marketing

Or if you want a regular block post type ad we offer that through Elk Grove Laguna News.