Video Banner Ads

Video Banner Ads


New for 2018 are video banner ads that can be added to videos posted on the Elk Grove Laguna Forums Facebook page. Elk Grove Laguna Forums is the leading social media page in the area, with over 37,000 followers. That is more than other Elk Grove media sources combined.  EGLF is the first place people go to find out what is happening in the area. Our videos always receive a lot of views due to the amount of news that we share.  We share videos of breaking news, local events, and what is happening around the city.

The banner can be your logo, or a special offer you have.  It can be also be text.  We can work with you create something.

The cost of the video banner ads will be $40 per video. In addition to that we will tag your business in the post. It will say “Sponsored by:  “name of business””


Here’s an example of a video with a banner ad and screen shot below.  Elk Grove Blvd repairs



We also have other ad programs as well

If you are a Realtor we also offer specific plans for that  Real Estate Marketing

We also offer social media posting plans as well for businesses that are too busy or just don’t know how to use social media, Social Media Marketing

Or if you want a regular block post type ad we offer that through Elk Grove Laguna News.

If you are interested in advertising with Elk Grove Laguna Forums, we have plans that can fit any budget


For more information you can email us, elkgrovelagunaforums@gmail.com or call 916-952-7114